I am not a combat master. I'm just a pretty good shooter with a lot of training. Take that for what it's worth to you.

At one time, I had my training and experience listed here, however, I have since decided that it really isn't important, and if you can't say "I used to a cop," most people don't care what your other credentials are because there is an assumption that the simple act of being or having been a cop automatically means that you are a uber-tactical-master of every conceivable gun related situation and an uber-expert-instructor, regardless of the person's actual duty experience. (note: Some police officers do have a great deal of real-world tactical experience, but some have none or very little, and just because a person was a police officer, doesn't necessarily mean he or she will be a good instructor or a great shooter.)

Additionally, while I do occasionally say that I am instructor, I am not a full time instructor, and I have ever intended to imply that I make a living as an instructor.

So, I decided to delete the detailed information that was listed here and simply say this instead:

I've had a minor amount of real-world experience and a great deal of training; several thousand hours, not including shooting matches, but actual, real, supervised training from a trainer, which is considerably more than most people have had, ranging from basic handgun to advanced rifle techniques, and everything in between, from various instructors of all levels of experience. I am a student of personal safety, and I continue to seek training and knowledge, and always will. I do not think I know everything and I always strive to learn as much as possible.

I am an adjunct instructor for several shooting schools, and I have been an IDPA Area Coordinator and Safety Officer Instructor, Safety Officer at several national matches, myriad regional and state matches, and an innumerable number of local club matches, as well as Match Director and Chief Safety Officer for various regional matches. Additionally, I hold master rankings with several organizations, and I regularly win or place very high in shooting matches, and I am one of only 3 people allowed to run matches at one particular location in Memphis.

I occasionally host classes and/or give lessons. I do not claim to turn you into a steely-eyed gunfighter, but I will teach you techniques that will help you shoot faster and more accurately.

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