I started this page as a place to post scores from a weekly shooting match that I sometimes 
officiate.  Originally, the main page was just a list of dates to click on to view scores.

As time went by, I learned a little more about web page design, therefore I created a little
bit better menu, sorting the scores by month, as the years went by, I began sorting by year.

As time went by, it slowly became a outlet for me to post about all my hobbies.  There is a
section for gun stuff, which still includes scores from the matches, but also quite a bit of
other info, including opinion articles and other info.  There are now pages with information 
about Corvettes, trumpets, personal rants, urban legend reference, religious interests, and 
a page with misc fun links and within all of those pages are more various articles and links.

I hope you get some use from my page, even if it's nothing more than a way to pass the time.

This site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768.  Any other resolution will cause
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