Various Tennessee Law Information

DISCLAIMER:  Unless otherwise noted, the information here 
is quoted directly from the T.C.A. books, applies only to the 
State of Tennessee, and is current at the time of the writing.
Please note, laws change, so the informaton given here may be outdated, and these links give only statute from the TN code Annotated (TCA) and do not present case law and/or precedents. Michie Legal Resources TN State Page With Statutes TN Attorney General Opinions

Entrapment - General Self Defense - Protection from Lawsuit - Protection of Life and Health

Protection of Property - Use of a Device to Protect Property - Deadly Force by a Law Enforcement Officer

Use of Deadly Force/Citizens Arrest - Defense of a Third Person - Carrying on School Property

Disturbing a Dead Body - Defense to Carrying Unlawfully - Possessing Where Alcohol is Served

Posted "No Weapons" Properties - Citizens' Arrest - Badge Law - Arrests Made Without Warrants

Parking in Front of a Driveway - Pedestrians' Right-of-way

Off Limit Locations - Killing Animals - Carrying While Drinking 

What Guns Can I Carry? - Carrying in a Vehicle - Knife Law