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Did the title get your attention? This article is about you or someone you know. They claim to be a regular shooter. They shoot "X" number of rounds a month. They go to the range. Put the target perfectly square to them. Then they proceed to slow fire the box of ammo into the absolute smallest hole they can. Then they brag to their buddies they shot this tiny hole. I call the phenomenon Marksmanship Maturbation. Why such a derrogatory term? Because the only reason you (they) do that is to make themselves feel good. We want to do things we do well. It is our nature. It is not condusive to self- preservation though. You are not teaching yourself properly. Instead of WASTING that box of ammo, shoot it weakhand, stronghand only, prone supine, or MOVING. I know the groups won't be as pretty but you will learn a lot more. If you are shooting a DA/SA pistol why don't you shoot 50 with the long DA trigger? You know the one, right? It is the one you SKIP when you cycle the gun and start with it cocked. No shot is more important than the first shot. I am not saying to sacrifice accuracy. Just don't dwell on it as the only thing to learn. My groups are not pretty but I can shoot them relatively the same from any position. Practice the things at which you are the worst. I am terrible with my weakhand. I am concentrating on mastery. My goal is to be able to shoot well left handed (My definition of well might differ from yours). Perfect practice makes perfect. Train hard brothers. James Yeager Chief Instructor OPS Southeast http://www.OptionsForPersonalSecurity.com Cutting Edge Training Across the U.S.A.