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Ahh, the North American Male. He needs no instructions to assemble any project and no directions to get to Peru. He is truly a man of great knowledge of any subject.......just ask him. I am guilty. I wouldn't ask for directions if it killed me. In the area of gun safety I am a little different. Most people think if you are a cop or have been in the military you are a small arms expert. A very few cops and enlisted people are gun nuts and know about weapons. By and large most of us are ignorant about them. You can assess the skill of a marksman before he ever fires the first shot by how he handles his gun. Any of the shooters reading this are shaking their heads in agreement. If a person handles their gun non-chalantly they are a novice. If someone sweeps you with the muzzle and you tell them to be careful and their reply is "It's not loaded" you are dealing with someone at beginner's level. The same if they point a LOADED gun at you and say "The safety is on" or "Relax, my finger isn't on the trigger". The most broken rule of safe gun handling is KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL READY TO SHOOT. People will usually keep it off before firing. When they are finished shooting and drop the muzzle it is typically when they do it. MANY people pick up guns with their finger on the trigger. As soon as they pick them up the finger rests on the trigger. If you are one of those people, and you probably are, STOP IT!! The second most broken rule is NEVER EVER POINT A GUN AT ANYTHING YOU DO NOT WANT TO DESTROY. People point guns at all kinds of things they are not willing to destroy and many times it ends in tragedy. This is an idiotic habit that must stop. The North American Male knows little to nothing about proper gun handling. Sure a few of you reading this do and all of you THINK you do. No matter how safe you are now you can be safer. Be a PROFESSIONAL gun handler. Be safe. Be safe. Be safe. Be safe. Be safe. James Yeager Chief Instructor OPS Southeast http://www.OptionsForPersonalSecurity.com Cutting Edge Training Across the U.S.A.