Georgia State Trooper Knife Fight

This is a review of a altercation between a Georgia State 
trooper and a knife wielding maniac trying to kill him.

I have seen the unedited version of this video, and the edited
version has been on "Scariest Police Videos" numerous times.

Please note things like:  ".45 Semi-automatic" "Struck the 
mid-section" "Hit no vital organs" "Remained on his feet" 
"Continued...for eight minutes."


Trooper Mike Ralston of the Georgia State Patrol has completed his 
shift and is on his way home on a cold January morning. Because 
troopers are allowed to take patrol vehicles home with them, 
technically Ralston has not completed his "tour of duty" until he 
reaches his residence. The trooper decides to check a rest stop 
where he has made felony drug arrests before, when he notices a 
parked pick-up truck with a male subject draped across the front 
seat.  Ralston taps on the window and awakens the individual who is 
initially cooperative. However, when Ralston checks the individual's 
driver's license and vehicle registration, he notes discrepancies: 
The name on the driver's license is different from the name on the 
registration. When Ralston asked the motorist to whom the vehicle 
belonged, the subject said it belonged to a "friend" who was in 
prison. Red flags continued to go up in Ralston's mind as the 
subject appeared very nervous, agitated, and increasingly vague 
in his responses to the law officer's questions. 

The trooper finally asked for a voluntary consent to search the 
vehicle, at which time the subject pulled back a tarp on the truck 
bed and proceeded to climb into the bed and move the various boxes 
and items of clothing around, under the trooper's watchful eye. 
However, the subject was unresponsive when the trooper asked to see 
what was inside of one particular box. After "dancing around the issue" 
for several minutes, the subject returned to the cab of the truck, 
retrieved a three-inch knife, and began to open the box. Within seconds, 
though, the subject turned around and lunged toward Trooper Ralston with 
the knife. A struggle ensued, Ralston drew his Smith and Wesson .45 
semi-automatic and fired once, striking the subject in the mid-section 
just above the navel. The bullet hit no vital organs, the subject was 
able to remain on his feet, and the altercation amazingly continued on 
for eight long minutes.  During this incredible set-to, Trooper Ralston
had a very difficult time de-cocking his service weapon and replacing 
it safely in his holster while keeping his subject at bay. Apparently 
on an "adrenaline high," the subject makes threatening physical gestures 
towards Trooper Ralston time and again. 

Despite several passers-by who witness the fight, only one actually stops 
to lend a hand, allowing Ralston to finally handcuff the subject until
back-up and an ambulance arrive. The man is later identified as Federal 
fugitive Michael Sorrentino.