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I'm not going to spend a lot of time telling you what lessons should be learned from this incident. I will only mention the following: 1. This attack happened at a Karate dojo. 2. No one, not even the instructor, tried to use their bad-ass Karate skills to take on the gunman bare-handed. 3. There is nowhere you can go and be truly assured of complete safety. Crime can happen anywhere, anytime, to anybody, and it's not just certain people you have to be afraid of. Almost anyone can be a threat. 4. Being with someone else may or may not make any difference. This man broke into a karate class full of people. There is no guaranteed safety in numbers. 5. If you've convinced yourself number 3 and 4 are not true you're just wrong. Sorry. You must be aware and alert at all times, no matter where you are, and being armed doesn't hurt either. 6. The off duty cop shot the assailant two times with a .45. Then the attacker "stumbled and brought his weapon back up" so the cop shot him a third time. This time, the round "knoced him off his feet" according to the article. Handguns are not the magical instruments of immediate death and desctruction everyone thinks they are. It took three rounds with a .45 to finally stop this guy. The first two did not knock the attacker "off his feet" so why did they think the third round did? It is safe to assume that when the attacker was hit for the third time, he had finally lost enough blood to fall down. "Fell down" is not the same as "knocked down." There are multiplied hundreds, if not thousands, of documented incidents that PROVE handgun bullets do not knock you down, yet people still insist on repeating this garbage. Reprinted from the October 30, 2003, Memphis Commercial Appeal BULLETS END TRY TO GRAB RUNAWAY By Chris Conley Bullets end try to grab runaway Off-duty officer slays gunman By Chris Conley Contact reporter October 30, 2003 A locked door didn't stop an armed Chicago man as he tried to get to a teenage runaway who'd come with him to Memphis. It took three bullets, fired by an off-duty Memphis police officer, according to witnesses. Jose Arcos, 23, died Tuesday night at Memphis Aiki-Kai martial arts academy at 3901 S. Mendenhall in the Fox Meadows area of East Memphis. On Wednesday, state prosecutors said officer Gregory Sanders, a student at the school, was trying to protect himself and others, and will not be prosecuted. The trouble started about 8:40 p.m., police said, when the 15-year-old runaway came to the academy looking for a cousin. When she tried to walk out, the unidentified owner refused to let her go. Police said the owner earlier received a call from the runaway's mother asking him to please hold the girl until the mother could come and get her. When the teenager did not come out of the building, Arcos tried to get inside, but found the owner had locked the doors. Police said Arcos left in his Jeep, then returned a few minutes later. He stormed into the school just after 9 p.m., shooting out the glass door with a .45-caliber pistol, police said. As Arcos entered, firing his gun, the owner wrapped his arms around the girl to protect her, said homicide Lt. Joe Scott. Meanwhile, Sanders learned from another student that the owner kept a gun, also a .45-caliber weapon, in the office. The officer grabbed the gun and ran to where Arcos was holding his weapon to the owner's head. The officer several times ordered Arcos to drop his weapon. Instead, the Chicago man turned the pistol on Sanders, Scott said. The officer told investigators he then shot Arcos twice. When Arcos stumbled and brought his weapon back up, Sanders fired again. The third bullet knocked Arcos off his feet. Arcos was pronounced dead at the scene. At the time of the shooting, there were five students, the owner and the runaway inside. None was injured. Sanders, an officer since 1999, will be on paid leave until a routine internal affairs investigation is completed. The girl was in protective custody at Juvenile Court Wednesday night, police said. The owner of the school refused to talk about the shooting and would not identify himself. Arcos apparently left Chicago with the girl on Monday, headed for Memphis. Police did not know where the two stayed Monday night. Police said Arcos, who had no known criminal record, was married and his wife is expecting a child.