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On April 11, 1986, eight Miami FBI agents were involved in what turned into one of 
most brutal gunfights in LEO history.  Even though it was a non-typical gunfight 
and it involved FBI agents, we can learn a lot from the incident.  This is a general
overview of the events leading up to and including the final incident:

For several months before the incident, two armed men (Platt and Matix) committed 
a string of successful bank and armored car robberies.  All of the robberies were 
at locations along the same highway, and were all committed on the same day about 
the same time.  After noticing the pattern, the FBI decided to stake out positions
along the highway and try to apprehend the two men.  One day prior to the incident 
the robbers came across a young man in the everglades shooting a pistol at tin cans.
Using a .357 magnum, they shot him twice in the body.  After a brief struggle, they 
asked him if he was a cop.  He replied 'no,' and then they shot him once in the head
and took his car and gun.  The young man then crawled three miles to the highway for
help.  The morning of the incident, the agents were staked out along the highway and
they did in fact spot the robbers in the vehicle stolen the previous day.  After a
pursuit and an attempt at a felony stop, the agents became involved in a shootout
that lasted several minutes.  

After the smoke cleared, both assailants and two of the federal agents were dead, 
and all but two of the remaining agents were wounded.  Most of the agents shot 
their pistols dry and most of the agents had been shot in the hand.  All of the 
agents had shotguns and/or body armor available to them, but only a couple of them 
had either with them during the fight.  The others' equipment was locked up in 
either the backseat or the trunk of their respective vehicles.  In the end, one 
agent was able to get to his shotgun and finally brought an end to the rampage by 
shooting the assailants with multiple shots of buckshot, and six final rounds from 
his service revolver.

There were some comments here, but decided to delete them and leave only the basic facts about the incident. The comments were various peoples' observations and opinions about what happened, and some of the opinions stated what agents may or may not have done properly. If you're interested in discussing the notes, email me.