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Two articles about recent incidents and a ranting about them.

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The quiet calm of Forest Downs Drive was disrupted Thursday when three men attempting an armed robbery forced their way into this home. "My cousins were here from out of town and they were in the house and surprised the burglars," said homeowner LaShaun Chalmers. "One of the suspects did have a pistol, one of the guests came down from the garage and the suspect pointed the pistol at him," said Germantown Police Inspector D.W. Payne. No one was hurt and Germantown police captured two of the men, but the third one managed to escape, forcing a lock down on the neighborhood. Bill Arnold rushed home from work to comfort his wife. "Well she likes to work in the yard and she was afraid to go out in the yard," said Arnold. The ordeal was not only frightening but rare for Germantown police. Payne says its the first one they've had. And there is another concern there may a gun lying in these woods here in the neighborhood. Investigators believe the man they caught may have dropped it here as he tried to make his escape. Residents have no neighborhood watch program but say they rely on the police and each other for safety. "Germantown is pretty safe though, they watch it and when I see strange people I check them out we kind of watch it," said neighbor James Blount. But a mid-day home invasion caught everyone by surprise, and a missing suspect is adding to their concerns. The men left their car behind, and police found other burglary tools inside. The suspects in custody will likely be charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary. ____________________________________________________________ This one happened in Germantown. In the article, a Germantown official states it's the "first one we've had." Don't be fooled by that statement. He is referring to "daytime" home invasions, not home invasions in general. A couple of years ago, there was an article in the Commercial Appeal about a sudden upsurge in home invasions in Germantown, although, they all happened at night.
Police nab suspects in DJ's murder By Chris Conley April 14, 2004 Barely 12 hours after finding the body of slain radio personality Rebecca Glahn in her downtown apartment, Memphis police announced they had three suspects in custody. Charges are expected to be filed today. Glahn, 24, who also went by the name Rebecca Fox and Madison, was a daytime deejay on Q107. Police said Tuesday she was strangled by a man who slipped past security cameras and key-card stations into the Gayoso House apartments at 103 S. Front. Co-workers, concerned when Glahn did not show up for work, found her in her fourth-floor apartment just before noon on Monday, said Memphis Police Director James Bolden. There were no obvious signs of how she died, police said. The Shelby County Medical Examiner's Office determined early Tuesday she was strangled. Police said a man was knocking on doors on the fourth floor about 10 p.m. Saturday when Glahn opened her door, and he forced his way in. Items stolen from the apartment were recovered on the street by police, leading to the arrest of a man and woman in Frayser about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. The suspected killer was arrested later Tuesday morning at Greer and Spotts wood. Bolden credited homicide detectives, with help from federal agents, with cracking a difficult case rapidly. "It could very well have been a mystery," Bolden said. Detectives continued to question witnesses Tuesday, and have surveillance tapes from several downtown sites that have yet to be reviewed, homicide Lt. Joe Scott said. Scott commended citizens who provided police with useful information. Glahn, originally from Kentucky, had been in Memphis about six months, Q107 general counsel Shea Flinn said. "We are appreciative of the professionalism and quick work" by Memphis police, Flinn said. "But we're sorry this tragedy had to occur. Why kill her? Why?" ____________________________________________________________ That Saturday night, a crackhead somehow got into the Gayoso House apartments past the security guard and card reader and knocked randomly on doors on the fourth floor until someone answered. When Rebecca Glahn, a local radio personality on Q107.5, opened the door, he forced his way in, robbed and raped her, then strangled her to death. Rebecca was only 24. The murderer was 23. Several people interviewed stated the things that we always hear. "We felt safe..." etc, and one girl who lived four doors down from the victim said she leaves her door unlocked, and was surprised he didn't come in on her instead. A few days ago, on one of the message boards I'm on, someone posted a question about coming to Memphis, and whether the malls (specifically Wolfchase) were "posted properties." Someone else responded they did not think they were, but if the person was coming to Wolfchase it didn't matter anyway, since there was no crime there, and in general, if you are outside the city limits of Memphis, you are perfectly safe. He also said the only thing to worry about was gang members, and then only if you were in side the city limits, so be sure to keep you gun on if your destination is inside the city limits. This is a paraphrase, but this is really what the guy said. The headline of his message read: "Memphis=bad Bartlett/Wolfchase/Cordova/Outside city limits of Memphis=safe". The person that posted the message was not anyone I knew. Having said that, I sincerely hope no one on this mailing list believes this type of dribble, but if you do, wake up and smell the coffee. There is no place you can go and be truly safe. YES, I know certain areas and/or cities have less violent crime than Memphis (not surprising), but to think some places are completely safe and you can just go around with your head up your butt because there is nothing that could possibly harm you is ludicrous. If you look at the various lists that are available of crime statistics, there are no cities that ever have "no" violent crime. Even the "safest" cities have some. PERSONAL NOTE: Rebecca only lived to see 24 brief years of life go by. The murderer has seen 23 long years of life. If convicted, the murderer will probably be out of jail before he is 40, assuming he does any time in the first place. Rebecca will never live to have children. Her parents will never see their grand-children. We often read these stories about things like this that happen, but we pass them off as part of life, and "crap that happens sometimes." This should be an unacceptable part of life. It should make us sick to hear about such incidents, even when we don't know the person. I recently read an article about a convenience store manager trainee who was in training, and for part of the training, an "armed" robber come in and terrorize 8 or 9 people (manager trainees). The particular person that wrote the article stated at one point the "robbers" made the trainees lie on the floor and then put bags over their heads and told them they were all about to die, and all she could think was "Well, I guess I'll never get to see my husband or children again." This makes me sick. It turns out it was a training exercise, but the trainees did not know this until afterwards. The "armed" robber should be glad certain people were not in the training class. The sad part is, it never occurs to "trainers" that do this kind of crap they might be harmed, because it never occurs to them anyone would have a gun or even try fight back, even when they tell the "victims" they are about to die. They know they will just lie there and be compliant, awaiting their turn to die. We should keep in mind, from a "victim" standpoint, while it is happening, there is no difference, none, between this and a real robbery. You are afraid for your life just the same. You have been victimized and made to think you were going to die. For me, I have made the decision no one is going to easily take my life. I am not volunteering to shuffle off this mortal coil any earlier than absolutely necessary. I have accepted that fate plays a part in your lifespan, but I have also accepted that I am not going to simply allow fate take its toll. To think that someone just goes along through life hoping for the best and accepting that whatever happens, just happens, and there is nothing you can ever do about it, so why bother preparing yourself for it, is sad; it's pitiful, and I for one am not going to simply leave my destiny up to someone else, when I can take, at least some charge in the decision. Do I know I will be victorious in a fight? Certainly not. No one knows this for sure, but the key phrase here is, "in a fight." I'm going to fight for my life; I'm not going to just let someone kill me.
Assistant Pastor Kills Deacon Safe in church? Click this link for story Two Face Judge in Deacon's Death Web Editor: Admin Staff Web Editor: Tracey Christensen Last Modified: 7/11/2004 9:57:47 PM The widow of a murdered church deacon and the man believed to be her lover are on suicide watch in the Floyd County jail, where they are being held on conspiracy and murder charges. Michelle Reynolds and Richard Scott Harper made their first appearances separately before a magistrate judge Friday morning. Reynolds is charged with conspiring to murder her husband, Thad Reynolds. Reynolds worked as a church deacon at Hollywood Baptist Church and was the father of four daughters. Michelle Reynolds sat passively as Magistrate Chris Mathis read her rights and the one charge against her. "The affidavit for your arrest states that Michelle Reynolds did commit the offense of murder by conspiring and planning the death of Thad Reynolds through phone calls, emails, and conversations with Richard Scott Harper," said Mathis. Harper, an assistant pastor and youth minister at Hollywood Baptist, is charged with murder in his best friend's death. Police say they believe that Harper and Michelle Reynolds were having an affair. Harper is accused of stabbing Thad Reynolds 19 times outside of a Frito-Lay distribution center, where Reynolds worked as a district manager at about 4:15 a.m., with a six-inch hunting knife. Authorities said they found Reynolds’ blood and eye-glasses at the scene. Police say Harper left Reynolds’ body at the scene and went to the Floyd County Medical Center, where he worked, to hide his clothes and the knife used in the stabbing. Authorities have not yet found the clothes or the murder weapon. By 5:45 a.m., police say, Harper was getting treatment for knife wounds to his own hand in the emergency room. Police say Harper told investigators that he sustained the injuries working out at a local spa. Authorities are searching computers belonging to Harper and Michelle Reynolds for e-mail love letters and plans detailing the husband’s murder. Police also said today they have a witness – one of Thad Reynolds’ close friends – who says that Harper admitted to family members that he committed the murder. Judge Mathis did not set bond for either suspect, who remain closely guarded inside the Floyd County Jail. "We do have them on a suicide watch. I think anytime that you have something that is this serious involving two Christian people like this," said Sheriff Tommy Rickman. The funeral for Thad Reynolds had been scheduled for Friday, but was postponed following Thursday's arrest of his widow and best friend. It has been rescheduled for 4 p.m. Monday afternoon at the Hollywood Baptist Church. The Reynolds' children, ages 1, 4, 6, and 12, are being cared for by relatives. The Hollywood Baptist Church released a statement Friday regarding the case: "While it is the nature of men to be shaken by these events, it is the nature of the church of God to come together in prayer to support one another. We ask all of you to join us as we pray for both the Reynolds and the Harper families and for the strength of our church."
July 9, 2004 ROME, Ga. (AP) -- The wife of a Baptist deacon and her alleged lover have been charged with murder in the man's stabbing death outside the Frito-Lay plant where he worked. Police arrested Michelle Reynolds, 34, and Richard Scott Harper, 33, on Thursday in the killing of Thad John Glenn Reynolds, 36, who was found stabbed 18 times Monday outside the distribution center where he worked. Michelle Reynolds and Harper, an assistant pastor, made their first appearances in court Friday but bond had not been set. "The investigation has shown that both conspired to commit the murder by various means of communication, including personal contact, telephone and computer generated messages," said Assistant Police Chief Bill Shiflett. Two clues led police to make the arrests. A witness saw a red minivan leave the scene, and Harper owns a red minivan. Also, Harper went to a Rome hospital Monday to be treated for hand injuries. "It (the killing) had been planned for a while, but the investigation is still ongoing and I don't want to speculate on how long they had been planning it," Shiflett said. "It's sad for the whole community. The two men were close friends." Both families attended Hollywood Baptist Church, where Harper was listed as a family pastor and Reynolds was a deacon. "Thad Reynolds was, without question, a man of integrity who loved God, his family and his church," according to a statement from the church. "We ask all of you to join us as we pray for both the Reynolds and Harper families and for our church." The Reynolds' four daughters, ages 1, 4, 6, and 12, were with family and friends.
You MUST Know What is Going On (and don't be a retard) This story was on the Kansas City, MO Action News broadcast. I didn't get the guy's name, so the name is replaced with "idiot". As reported: Idiot is at a local gas-station stop-and-rob when he notices two guys lurking outside. Idiot goes to his car, gets his gun and fires several rounds over the lurkers' heads. (Note: *LURKING* nothing else). Flash to idiot being arrested by the two undercover cops on a stakeout. Idiot explains that he thought they were a threat to the lady inside, and was just trying to drive them off, so he figured firing a couple of rounds at them was the best way to do it. The news reporter stated that he would probably be charged with aggravated assault. I hope so. This guy is a complete retard. This is one of the reasons I believe everyone should take training if they are going to have a gun. It is not required in some states, and I don't believe it should be, but the issue is there are morons like this who have no clue whatsoever about when they can or can't legally use the gun. People should be responsible enough to get training on their own. Why in the hell did this idiot think it was ok to just randomly fire a couple of warning shots at two men who hadn't necessarily done anything illegal? You can't shoot at people simply because you don't like what they are doing.
DEA Agent Shoots Self In Leg Click this link to see the video Shoots himself in the leg? Let's see...it seems somewhere I heard "Treat every gun if it's loaded" and "Never point a gun at something you don't want to shoot."