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On February 9, 1978, while is Lake City, Florida, Ted Bundy abducted, raped, and 
murdered 12-year-old Kimberly Leach, throwing her body under a small pig shed.

In Merced, California, on August 23, 2000, a naked man wielding a pitchfork cut 
the phone lines to a home, then broke in and began attacking the four children, 
while their parents were not home. The oldest child, fourteen-year-old Jessica 
Carpenter, tried to retrieve a gun from her father's gun cabinet, but was unable
to, since it was locked, in accordance with a law that had been recently passed.

She ran to a neighbor's home and begged him to use his own gun to stop the attacker. 
Unfortunately, the neighbor instead decided to call 911 and wait. When the police 
arrived, Jessica's seven-year-old brother and nine-year-old sister had been stabbed
to death. The killer was finally stopped when police officers arrived and shot him. 

On January 29, 1998, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a paranoid-schizophrenic snatched a 
two-year-old girl from her mother‟s arms and fled. A nearby landscaper
named Gene Case saw what had happened, and ran to his car to retrieve his .45
handgun. He chased and caught up to the kidnapper, and yelled "Stop! Put the 
child down, or I'm going to kill you!" The kidnapper released the child, and 
was held at gunpoint until the police arrived.

On January 26, 1994, in Frayser, a section of Memphis, Tennessee, two home invaders
slashed the throat of a six-year-old girl, before the girl's mother shot the attackers
with a .22 pistol. The girl survived, but her wounds required eighteen stitches.

According to "Certain Things Christians Cannot Do," Leo Tolstoy (the novelist) once
said he did not believe in violence, because he had seen too many people killed in 
the (Crimean) war. When asked what he would do if he saw someone trying to rape or 
kill a child, he replied, that he had never seen such a thing (in context, he was 
saying he didn't believe it could ever happen because he had never seen it).

According to the FBI (on their website) "It's nearly unthinkable, but every year 
thousands of children become victims of crime..."

All this, to say, I hear people all the time say stupid things like, "Why should I
ever need a gun? Who would ever want to kill me?" 

Well, the answer is, it doesn't matter WHO. The sad fact is, there are people out there
who WILL kill you, not because of who you are, but because of their own reason, whether
it be they don't like you, you didn't have enough money on you when they tried to rob 
you, they wanted your shoes and figured the easiest way to get them was to kill you first,
or, in some cases, no reason at all other than they decided to kill someone and you were 
the next person to come along, or they are actually insane. It's a sad fact that it can 
happen.  You should be prepared in case it does.