Posted Properties

The locations/businesses listed on this page have signs posted stating guns or weapons 
are not allowed on their property.  At one time, there was a column indicating whether 
or not the sign at any given location appeared to meet the legal posting requirements, 
however, as June, 2010, the law has changed and there is no specific requirement for 
verbage, and now, the international "gun buster" slash is considered a proper posting. 
The only requirement now is that the sign be posted at every public entrance.  Keep in
mind the following few items:

1.  Be sure to understand that as of June 2010, the law is different than it was the 
    previous years.  A business no longer has to have any specific verbage, or even any 
    verbage at all for a posting to be legal.  Basically, any posting is now legal, even 
    if it is just a picture of a gun with a slash through it.

2.  Technically, there must be a sign at every public entrance.

3.  Even if the sign does not conform to the law for some reason, the business still does not
    want you on the property with a gun, even if carrying a gun there is otherwise legal.

4.  A business can ask a person to leave for any almost any reason.  If you are asked 
    to leave and you don't, you are then trespassing, regardless of any signage.

5.  As of 6/11/10, a new statute has passed which makes it legal to carry into establishments 
    that serve alcohol.  There are some changes from the old law.
    The law allows valid handgun carry permit holders to carry in establishments where
    alcohol is served UNLESS the restaurant/bar is posted by the owner as a no-gun zone.
    The international prohibited sign (gun with circle and slash) is now sufficient 
    as a posting, if placed at all entrances. No verbage is required.

    It still is, and always was illegal to carry a gun while you are drinking. The penalty 
    for drinking while carrying is a year in jail and a $2500 fine, plus loss of gun permit 
    for three years.  DO NOT drink alcohol while armed.

    The penalty for getting caught in a properly posted location is a $500 fine, assuming
    you are not drinking alcohol.

6.  This data is provided for informational purposes only.  I am in no way suggesting where you 
    carry or don't carry a gun.  The only suggestion I can make is that you always obey the law.

7.  Even though I try to keep this updated, things change, so the information could be out of date.

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39-17-1359. Prohibition at certain meetings � Posting notice. � (a) (1) An individual, corporation, business entity or local, state or federal government entity or agent thereof is authorized to prohibit the possession of weapons by any person who is at a meeting conducted by, or on property owned, operated, or managed or under the control of the individual, corporation, business entity or government entity. (2) The prohibition in subdivision (a)(1) shall apply to any person who is authorized to carry a firearm by authority of � 39-17-1351. (b) (1) Notice of the prohibition permitted by subsection (a) shall be accomplished by displaying one (1) or both of the notices described in subdivision (b)(3) in prominent locations, including all entrances primarily used by persons entering the property, building, or portion of the property or building where weapon possession is prohibited. Either form of notice used shall be of a size that is plainly visible to the average person entering the building, property, or portion of the building or property, posted. (2) The notice required by this section shall be in English, but a duplicate notice may also be posted in any language used by patrons, customers or persons who frequent the place where weapon possession is prohibited. (3) (A) If a sign is used as the method of posting, it shall contain language substantially similar to the following: AS AUTHORIZED BY T.C.A. � 39-17-1359, POSSESSION OF A WEAPON ON POSTED PROPERTY OR IN A POSTED BUILDING IS PROHIBITED AND IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE. (B) As used in this section, �language substantially similar to� means the sign contains language plainly stating that: (i) The property is posted under authority of Tennessee law; (ii) Weapons or firearms are prohibited on the property, in the building, or on the portion of the property or building that is posted; and (iii) Possessing a weapon in an area that has been posted is a criminal offense. (C) A building, property or a portion of a building or property, shall be considered properly posted in accordance with this section if one (1) or both of the following is displayed in prominent locations, including all entrances primarily used by persons entering the property, building, or portion of the property or building where weapon possession is prohibited: (i) The international circle and slash symbolizing the prohibition of the item within the circle; or (ii) The posting sign described in this subdivision (b)(3). (c) (1) It is an offense to possess a weapon in a building or on property that is properly posted in accordance with this section. (2) Possession of a weapon on posted property in violation of this section is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by fine only of five hundred dollars ($500). (d) Nothing in this section shall be construed to alter, reduce or eliminate any civil or criminal liability that a property owner or manager may have for injuries arising on their property. (e) The provisions of this section shall not apply to title 70 regarding wildlife laws, rules and regulations. (f) This section shall not apply to the grounds of any public park, natural area, historic park, nature trail, campground, forest, greenway, waterway or other similar public place that is owned or operated by the state, a county, a municipality or instrumentality thereof. The carrying of firearms in those areas shall be governed by � 39-17-1311. [Acts 1996, ch. 905, � 11; 2000, ch. 929, � 1; 2009, ch. 428, � 4; 2010, ch. 1009, � 3.]
Mississippi law: The carrying of a concealed pistol or revolver may be disallowed in any place in the discretion of the person or entity exercising control over the physical location of such place by the placing of a written notice clearly readable at a distance of not less than ten (10) feet that the "carrying of a pistol or revolver is prohibited."
Note regarding the post office: Post offices are federal property, therefore federal laws apply there. Federal law has a clause stating that it is illegal to carry on federal property, but lists an exception for "other lawful purposes" but, "other lawful purposes" is not clearly defined in the law. There are two main camps of opinion regarding whether it is legal to carry in a post office. One is that it is illegal. The other is that carrying for self defense is considered a "lawful purpose." By far, the more common of those two is the former, therefore I recommend that you assume it is illegal. The latter of the two are folks looking for a loophole and looking for a loophole seldom works in your favor. Additionally, since post offices are federal property, the Tennessee permit isn't recognized there anyway, since it isn't considered part of the state of Tennessee. Even though most post offices are posted, I didn't list the post office as a posted property on this page, because, as stated, it doesn't fall under Tennessee law.
All locations are in Memphis, unless otherwise noted. As of July, 2010, I deleted the "Meets Legal" section, because the new law doesn't require verbage. Business name Location 1. St. Francis Hospital 5959 Park Ave 2. Baptist Hospital Women�s Building 6225 Humphreys Boulevard 3. Baptist Hospital 6019 Walnut Grove Road 4. Old Timers Restaurant, Millington 7918 "C" Street 5. MLGW (probably all locations) 2424 Summer Avenue 6. 201 Poplar (the jail) 201 Poplar Avenue 7. 200 Jefferson Avenue (Federal Building) 200 Jefferson Avenue 8. Peabody Place 150 Peabody Place 9. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) All locations, probably 10. State of TN Career Center All locations 11. Costco ***see note below All locations 12. Methodist Hospital ER 1265 Union Avenue 13. MPD Academy (not the shooting range) 4371 O.K. Robertson Road 14. Tunica, MS Casinos Tunica, MS 15. Value City Furniture 6393 Winchester Road/7930 Giacosa Place 16. Kawasaki of Memphis, Bartlett 6412 Summer Avenue 17. First Trust Bank, Bartlett 8398 Highway 64 18. Memphis International Airport 2491 Winchester Road 19. Baptist Hospital ER 6019 Walnut Grove Road 20. Veterans Hospital 1030 Jefferson Avenue 21. Waffle House (probably all locations) 5255 Summer Ave 22. Driver Testing Center 3200 East Shelby Drive 23. Tunica River Queen, Dinner Cruise Tunica, MS 24. The Gold Rush Restaurant and Bar Nashville, TN 25. Beale Street (the entire street) Downtown 26. Friday's (probably all locations) 8325 US Highway 64 27. East End Grill (probably all locations) 7956 Winchester Road 27a. East End Grill 7547 Us Highway 64 28. Rafferty's (probably all locations) 505 North Germantown Parkway, Cordova 29. Logan's Steakhouse (probably all locations) 2710 N. Germantown Parkway, Cordova 30. Houston's Restaurant 5000 Poplar Avenue 31. Memphis Area Teachers Credit Union 7845 Highway 64, Bartlett 32. Side Car Cafe 2194 Whitten Rd 33. Buffalo Wild Wings 3448 Poplar Avenue 34. Shelby County Health Department 814 Jefferson 35. Folk's Folly Restaurant 551 South Mendenhall 36. Fleming's Steak House 6245 Poplar Ave 37. Huey's 7825 Winchester Road 38. Jared's the Galleria of Jewelry All locations, probably 39. Molly's La Casita 2006 Madison Avenue 40. Firebird's Rocky Mountain Grill 8470 US Highway 64 41. Coletta's Italian Restaurant 2850 Appling Road 42. Desoto Civic Center 3146 East Goodman Road, Southaven 43. Chow Time Restaurant 4207 Hacks Cross Road 44. Regions Bank (probably all locations) 4383 Summer Avenue 45. Hollywood Cinema 6711 Stage Road, Bartlett TN 46. Germantown Performing Arts Center (GPAC) 1801 Exeter Road, Germantown 47. Shelby County Clerk (probably all locations) 1075 Mullins Station Road 48. Boscoe's (probably all locations) 2120 Madison Avenue 49. Chick-Fil-A 4916 Poplar Avenue 50. Hooters (probably all locations) 2838 New Brunswick Road 51. The Rendevous 52 S. Second Street 52. Chuck E. Cheese (probably all locations) 1636 North Germantown Parkway Cordova, TN 38016 SIM = Seen it myself FBS = Forwarded by someone else UNK = Unknown 1. SIM. A sign with some verbage that may be substantially similar but not posted at the door. The sign is in the ground at the corner of the building. 2. SIM. Appeared to be substantially similar. 3. FBS. No other info available, but probably is substantially similar. 4. SIM. This is an "guns/alcohol" sign and not a "we don't want guns" sign. I have been told that the owners don't mind people with permits, however, I don't know if that's true or if they serve alcohol. 5. SIM. Generic "no weapons" verbage. Sign is a rules list with various items on it. 6. SIM. No sign, but you must go through a metal detector. 7. SIM. Federal signs. This is the federal building so TN law doesn't apply anyway. 8. SIM. Ambiguous verbage saying "no items that can be classified as a weapon, even if it is legal" or words to that effect, about 8 or 9 down in a list of 10 or 15 rules, on a sign that doesn't even face the door. 9. SIM. Gunbuster sign, verbage that says "Carry of a handgun not allowed." 10. SIM. This is the unemployment office. Gunbuster sign and generic verbage that did not appear to meet requirements. 11. FBS. According to the following letter, Costco has a company policy that prohibits firearms, saying shoppers are welcome, just not their firearms. Costco Letter I have been told that local Costco stores do not have signs posted, but I have also been told by someone in another state that some Costco stores do. The letter referenced here is in regards to the overall general company policy. 12. SIM. Gunbuster sign, verbage that says "no weapons allowed," but there are metal detectors at the door. 13. SIM. This is the MPD training facility. The sign is posted at the front administrative building, not the shooting range, which is at the back of the property. 14. SIM. Most casinos have generic verbage at or near the entrance, but most don't seem to conform to MS law. I have not found an actual MS law making casino carry illegal but many cops and casino employees will tell you it is illegal. I have also been told the web site lists it, but I couldn't find it. It's probably one of those things people believe "just must be illegal." Of course, I am in no way suggesting you carry a gun into a casino. *SIDE NOTE* As far as my research has shown, it is not illegal to carry in Las Vegas casinos and I don't recall any sinage at casinos I've visited, but they do search your car (but not your person) at a few casinos if you park in the parking garage, and as you cross Hoover Dam coming into Nevada. I suspect they are interested in bombs and not people with permits. 15. FBS. No other information, other than a suggestion to shop at Royal Furniture. 16. FBS. Sign is inside the building, not at the door. No info on verbage. This sign was put up after a shooting. Of course, the sign would not have prevented the shooting, as the shooter was not carrying legally in the first place. It is my understanding he was a gang member with a previous record. The sign would have done nothing. 17. FBS. No other info available. 18. SIM. Previously, it was technically legal to carry inside the airport as long as you didn't go into the terminal (past the metal detectors), however, the front doors are now posted, and appear to be posted correctly, so it's illegal to carry anywhere inside the aiport. *UPDATE* from a friend who is a pilot: As of December 2007 the doors are now posted with a very prominent color sign that definitely appears to meet the legal criteria, and it appears to be posted at every entrance, and on both doors at every entrance. If it wasn't clear before, it is definitely clear now. Picture 1 Picture 2 19. SIM. Generic "no weapons" verbage and gunbuster sign. 20. SIM. Appears to be federal property. Has federal signs inside at the reception desk. 21. SIM. Generic verbage inside, not in a particularly conspicuous place. 22. SIM. Generic verbage on the outside of the exit door. Saw nothing at the entrance. 23. SIM. Number 6 or 7 on a list of things "required by all passengers." The sign simply states that no firearms or weapons are allowed and does not seem to conform to MS state law, but the sign says that it is "in accordance with coast guard regulations." 24. UNK. The owner of this establishment stated in an article in the Tennessean Newspaper on 4-7-09 that if the new restaurant bill passes, he will do everything he can to keep guns out of his business, even if it means hiring a guard to stand outside the door 24 hours a day. 25. UNK. Beale Street, the entire street, is now off limits, according to Memphis police officials. There will be blockades, and anyone entering or leaving Beale will be wanded, and any guns found will be confiscated. Addtionally, according to the newspaper, many of the businesses along Beale will be posting signs. I'm not sure about the legality of making an entire public street off limits, but I guess it will be this way until it is challenged somehow. It should be noted, however, that this has already taking place on the weekends for some years now, long before the advent of this new law. 26. SIM. Gun and slash sign with generic verbage. 27. SIM. Gun and slash sign with generic verbage. 27a. SIM. Two signs at the front door. 28. FBS. I was advised only "it was posted." Have since been advised it says at the bottom, "This applies to permit holders only." I guess criminals with guns are welcome. 29. FBS. I was advised there is a sign reading "No firearms on the property." 30. FBS. I was advised there is a ghostbuster sign with "No Weapons" on the lower part of the door. I have since been advised by someone else that it did appear to meet the criteria, so I changed the status to "probably." 31. FBS. I was advised there is a ghostbuster sign that is not very noticeable. 32. FBS. I was advised there is a ghostbuster sign with no verbage of any kind. 33. SIM. Ghostbuster sign and "BWW prohibits weapons" verbage. 34. SIM. Generic "no weapons" verbage. 35. FBS. Unknown info, just advised "it's posted." 36. FBS. Unknown info, just advised "it's posted." 37. FBS. A group of local shooters used to eat at Huey's, but we quit going a few months ago after receiving extremely poor service, then being charged a mandatory gratuity PLUS an additional service fee. Regardless, I have been informed that Huey's is now posted. 38. SIM. The location on Germantown Parkway is posted with a sign so large, you can see it while driving down the parkway. 39. FBS. I was advised it was posted and that the sign appeared to be correct. 40. FBS. I was advised it was posted with a "Ghostbuster type" sign. 41. FBS. I was advised it was posted with a "Ghostbuster type" sign and verbage "No firearms on premises." 42. FBS. I was advised that you are required to lift your jacket or open a purse or bag before entering. 43. SIM. It's pretty clear they don't like guns. Chow Time 44. SIM. Recently posted, as of about September, 2010. 45. FBS. Advised, "Gunbuster sign at front door." 46. SIM. Gunbuster sign only. 47. SIM. Proper verbage. 48. SIM. Gunbuster and verbage. 49. SIM. Gunbuster and verbage. 50. SIM. Appears to be the "old" verbage. 51. FBS. Just advised, "It's posted." 52. SIM. General "no guns" sign.
1. Wolfchase Chrysler and Wolfchase Jeep, Stage & Germantown: I was told that it was once posted, but now it is not. 2. Wolfchase Mall: I've been told that the signs have been removed, but security will still hassle you if you are wearing a vest or other gun garb, however, I have not personally had any problems. Several years ago, I was with a group of shooting instructors and we stopped at the mall to eat, and stayed there several hours with no problems, even though all of us were wearing photo vests. 3. The Shelby County Building, 150 Washington: Was not posted but had a metal dector, however they would allow you to check your gun at the guard desk. As of 8/16/06 there is no longer a metal detector (and no sign). No info on available the official policy since I didn't ask. 4. Methodist Hospital, Germantown: Does not seem to have signs posted. As of March, 2008, I did not see any signs at or near the emergency room entrance. 5. Curious Gourmet Cafe and Cupcakery, 100 Main St Nashville: Owned and operated by a TGO member, very gun friendly. 6. Most independent Mexican restaurants do not appear to be posted. Yet another reason I knew I liked Mexican food. 7. As of 9-10-09, I have been informed that Huey's at 2130 W. Poplar Avenue in Collierville is NOT posted. 8. As of 9-14-09, Carrabba's Italian Grill at 5110 Poplar Avenue did not appear to be posted in any way. 9. I was advised that T.J. Mulligan's at 362 N. Main Street (pinch district) has removed the signs as of 5-27-10.