When shooting a match, always try to start at the first sound of the beep, rather than after the beep is finished. This might also be thought of as start moving at the "B" rather than at the "eep" of the "beep." It's not much time difference on one stage, but over the course of a big match (8 or 10 stages) it can equal a couple of seconds. You can win or lose by a couple of seconds.

Usually, it's better to take points down as long as they're in the -1 zone, rather than try to make them up. One point down is 1/2 second, but by the time you realize the point is down, then fire again, for most shooters, the time is more than the 1/2 second for the point down. If you know the point is down as you fire it, and you fire another one quickly, you may make up time. Otherwise, just take the point down.

If you can move quickly enough, always shoot targets on the move when possible, even when it isn't required. It's usually quicker overall than stopping your movement then restarting. This includes shooting targets while moving rather than once behind cover.

When shooting multiple targets at one position, do not pause between targets. Fire the shots and move on. If you transition between targets during the recoil, you can fire two shots each on 3 targets almost as quickly as you can fire 6 shots on one target. Two shots each on 3 targets should 'sound' like 6 evenly placed shots, rather than three separate double taps. In other words, it should sound like: bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang, rather than: bang-bang-pause-bang-bang-pause-bang-bang. Of course, the speed of the shots varies depending on the shooter.

When possible, do not take multiple 'new' sight pictures on the same target. Watch where your reloads are. Try to plan reloads whenever possible so you do not have to fire one shot on a target, reload, then reacquire that same target for another shot. Whenever possible, to save time, plan a reload at the same time as a transition from one side of a barricade to another.
When engaging multiple targets and no specific order is required, shoot in the order requiring the least muzzle movement between shots.
If engaging multiple targets that are the same height and same distance, engage the targets from strong side to weak side. In other words, right handed shooters shoot right to left and left handed shooters shoot left to right. Generally speaking, most shooters shoot slightly faster when shooting in this manner.
When shooting around a barricade, if allowed, shoot from the "strong side" side of the barricade. Most right handed shooters are faster around the right side of a barricade and most left handed shooters are faster around the left side of a barricade.
And now for the most important match tip of all...... Shoot fast and hit the center.