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I hope the title got your attention. Please read on. Most men think women can't shoot. Chances are, you know a man like that. If you don't, chances are, it's you. What is it with men? Why do they think women should only shoot revolvers? Someone I instruct with points out that gun shops usually push revolvers to women, and it's true. Recently, I was in a local gun store when a woman came in and said she wanted to look at a gun. Without hesitation, the salesman literally pulled out the first revolver he came to, handed it to her and said "Here you go." He never asked what she was interested in or even what it was for, or anything else for that matter. He literally just handed her the first revolver he came to in the case. Not long ago, I was in a range when a man and his wife came out from the shooting lanes. He was talking about guns with several of us and how he shot a Sig 229, and how he liked several other guns, all semi autos. Someone asked the girl directly if she carried a gun and he spoke up for her and replied that she didn't yet, but he was thinking about getting her a S&W Airweight. "Why? Don't you think she's smart enough to operate a semi-auto?" someone asked. He started fumbling around for an answer. Men tend to think women aren't smart enough to handle a semi auto. Here's an unwritten rule of shooting. A man cannot teach his wife or girlfriend to shoot. What they usually do it take the girl out to the range, put a 3 or 4 inch target at 25 yards, then proceed to yell and scream at them for doing it wrong. Of course, any time they don't do it just like we told them to, it's wrong. We're all experts, just ask us. Women, generally speaking, seem to think they should shoot revolvers, because that's what's always been pushed on them. Men, as a "upper echelon" species, think women are to dumb to handle anything else. Get a grip. Men, no matter how good you think you are, I know women that are better than you. Robert V. Robinson My Experience and Training: P.S. As a side note: Some women are stupid. Some men are stupid too. It isn't a gender thing. It's a stupidity thing. If someone (male or female, makes no difference) is too stupid to shoot a semi-automatic, then they are too stupid to shoot any kind of gun. I've heard it said if you're never going to practice you should carry a revolver. In my opinion, if you're never going to practice, you shouldn't carry any kind of gun.