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It is commonly stated "Keep guns away from kids". While this is generally true, it is not complete by itself and must be elaborated upon. "Keep guns away from kids" or "Keep kids away from guns" are great statements, but here's the problem: There's no mention of how to do it. Most people simply think they will keep their gun hidden and their kids will never find it. Guns that are not in use should be locked up, not "hidden". This also applies for hiding guns to keep them safe from burglars. If you can think of a good hiding place, so can a burglar (to quote Joe Friday, actually). Another problem with the statement is guns must be kept away from not just children, but anyone who is untrained and/or unknowledgeable about guns. The problem with this is, most people are untrained and/or unknowledgeable. "Being around" guns does not automatically make you knowlegeable. Being a hunter does not necessarily make you knowlegeable either. There are some that are, but most are not. A gun in the hand of a 35 year old idiot is just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than a gun in the hands of a child. Another thing to think about is not all kids are dangerous with guns. Some children know more about gun safety than some adults. It's scary, but it is absolutely true. I assure you, most people are not knowledgeable about guns. I hope you're not offended by this statement, but if you are, you're probably who I'm talking about. Have you ever said "Don't worry, it ain't loaded?" or "It's ok, I'm a cop/hunter/ shooter/etc." or anything similar when you point a gun at someone for no good reason and they call you on it? Have you ever pointed a gun at someone for no reason even if they didn't say anything? If so, you're that person. Do you think it's no big deal to point a gun at someone for no reason? If so, you're the person I mean. Have you ever had an "accidental" discharge and all you could say was "I didn't know it was loaded!" (by the way, it's irrelevant whether you knew it was loaded, you are responsible for the gun if it is in your hands) or "You should have told me it was loaded!" If so, you're the person I mean. Have you ever picked up a gun and put your finger on the trigger for no reason? Are you offended when someone says something to you? If so, you're the person I mean. Have you ever handed a gun to a person without clearing it first? If so, you're him. Are you offended if someone won't show you their gun or if they clear it before they hand it to you? If so, you're the person I mean. Do you, in general, think you know everything there is to know about guns and nobody can tell you anything because of this? If so, you're the person I mean. The problem is, as I stated, most people are not knowledgeable about guns. The more they think they know, the less they usually actually know. If you are this person, you are just as dangerous as a child. Don't handle guns. I am a state certified instructor, NRA certified instructor, an IALEFI instructor, among others, and I have several hundred hours of training, and I never assume I know anything. A more correct statement would be "We should keep guns away from anyone who is not properly trained or knowlegeable." Never assume anyone is competent. Most aren't. Robert "Robbie" Robinson My Experience and Training: