How many trumpet players does it take to change a light bulb?
It only takes one to change it, but it takes 
3 more to say "Huh, I could have done that!"

How many second trumpet players does it take to change a light bulb?
Second trumpet players can't reach that high.

How to trumpet players greet each other?
"Hi. I'm better than you."

What did little Johnny's mother tell him when he 
said "I want to be a trumpet player when I grow up?"
"You can't do both." What does a trumpet player say when he gets to his regular gig? "Do you want fries with that?" What's the difference between trumpet players and government bonds? Government bonds eventually mature and earn money. What would a trumpet player do if he won a million dollars? Continue to play gigs until the money ran out. How do you improve the aerodynamics of a trumpet player's car? Take the Domino's Pizza sign off the roof. How do you get a trumpet player to play fff?
Write mp on the part.
What's the difference between a trumpet player and God? God knows he's not a trumpet player. Four trumpet players are in a mini van. The mini
van goes off a cliff. What's the tragedy in this?
You can fit 8 trumpet players in a mini van. Did you hear about the three trumpet players
that collaborated on a book of scales?
Each one contributed the scale he knew. Do you know the difference between a trumpet player and a pig? You've never seen a pig stay around after a gig to pick up a trumpet player. Why are trombone jokes so short? So trumpet players can understand them. How can you tell a future trombone player at the playground? It's the kid who can't swing and doesn't know how to use the slide. What`s the difference between a baroque trumpeter and a dressmaker? A dressmaker tucks up frills.

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