I starting playing the trumpet in 1979 and I play a Flip Oakes Wild Thing trumpet, which
I purchased in February 2004.  I switch between a Bach 1B, a customized Schilke 14A4A,
and a Monette B11 mouthpiece depending on whether I'm playing jazz or "legit" music.

Wild Thing review:  I love it!  It plays much different than my old horns, but once I
got used to it, I can play higher with it than I could with my old horns, and it has a
much better sound and better response in all registers.  It comes with a .470 bore slide
and a "conical" slide that starts at .460 and opens up to .470, but I always use the full
.470 bore slide because it has a fatter sound, which I prefer over the "smaller" sound.

I also have a Monique pocket trumpet (just for fun) and a Yamaha YTR6335S, purchased in 1980, which a 
friend of mine converted to a C trumpet. I play it at church and for other gigs when appropriate.

I don't have an extremely high range, but I can play up to double high C (C4), and on occasion, or "D" 
or "E" or above it.  I can actually play higher, but it's just "squeaking" and not real playing.

I've played with many different groups including:
The Germantown (TN) Symphony Orchestra, The Mercedes Knights (now called the Memphis Knights), the local 
doctors' band, Uncle Mal, and I  even got to sit in with the Memphis Jazz Orchestra a couple of times.

I also play from time to time with other bands around the city at various locations, and I 
currently play regularly with the the local Shriner's Band (the Noble Sounds big band and 
the Shrine brass band) and the local VA Band (now known as Memhis Swing Orchestra).  I also
play with the Main Street Jazz Orchestra, and the Southaven Wind Symphony, both located in 
Southaven, MS.  See links below for a few sound files of some of these.

I also play sometimes for several North Mississippi schools' drama departments and Desoto Family 
Theater.  I have played in West Side Story, The Music Man, My Fair Lady, The Scarlet Pimpernel, 
Damn Yankees, Les Mis, Joseph, and I'm sure a few others that I don't remember right off hand.

I used to play at Leawood Baptist Church in Memphis every week.  I now play at First Baptist Church of
Horn Lake, MS. and I have been known to play at different churches around the city from time to time.


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